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The Structural Engineer-of-Record (SEOR) often delegates the responsibility for the steel connection design to the fabricator who is required to provide signed and sealed connection designs. These connections can include standard shear connections; moment connections; beam-to-beam, beam-to-column, baseplate, and axial connections; HSS connections; braced frame and truss connections; or hanger connections. DES designs both conventional and complex connections including those for high-seismic and specialty situations.

Our design methodology is LRFD and our arsenal of design tools includes finite element modeling, programs such as RAM Connection, and our own proprietary design tools. We are well versed with the design calculations produced by the SDS/2 steel detailing software and understand which connections it designs and those that it does not.

Each steel fabricator has its own fabrication preferences and DES will customize the design to meet your own specific shop practices. We have years of experience working with steel fabricators and produce connection designs that are efficient and economical. A DES connection design submittal package is professional, accurate and clear. Each package conveys technical expertise and confidence to the SEOR allowing him or her to quickly approve it and get your project into fabrication.